1. jacktrash:

    This Friday at Rev! www.simshows.com

    This Friday at Rev! www.simshows.com


  2. thisisadynasty:

    This past Sunday, the LA Times ran an article which was essentially an inflammatory pummeling of the EDM scene. It painted a picture of “Ecstasy-fueled underground” raves, bumped up into the mainstream, leaving a trail of dead, drug-addled kids being picked up by the “…coroner’s wagon rolling…

    Thank you Kaskade!

  7. Phase One is here! #SSMF

  8. Just announced! Jessie Andrews will be at Rev this Friday!

  9. #SSMF

  10. insane-for-nicky:


    Hardwell and the #dutchhousemafia this Thursday is now SOLD OUT! The only way to get tickets to this show is to win them from Sound in Motion’s social media pages!

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  11. gonewithangels:

    working on something ATM

    (Source: youtube.com)

  12. itsoundsbetterwithyou:

    Jaguar Trap!

    Tonight Minneapolis!



  13. patrikes:

    What so not- Tell Me

    Tonight Minneapolis!



  14. celesteaseee:

    In love with this remix! <3 

    I was really bummed that What So Not couldn’t make it to Tramps :( 

    Tonight Minneapolis!


  15. acepass:

    GTA and What So Not completely killed it last night!! #RubySkye #GTA #WhatSoNot #DeathToGenresTour #KillThemWithLazers

    Tonight Minneapolis!